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mobileMOSFET Wireless Dosimetry System, 5 Dose points

mobileMOSFET Wireless Dosimetry System, 5 Dose points

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mobileMOSFET Wireless Dosimetry System, 5 dose points.


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mobileMOSFET Wireless Dosimetry System, 5 dose points.

On-line Wireless Dosimetry

The mobileMOSFET Dose Verification System takes MOSFET Dosimetry to the next level.  The mobileMOSFET is an easy to use, seamlessly integrated system that minimizes dosimetry and QA time.

This wireless system is entirely software driven, allowing for complete control of one or more systems from a remote PC.  The system consists of Remote Monitoring Dose Verification Software, wall-mounted Bluetooth™ Wireless Transceiver and a small Reader Module acting as a channel between the MOSFET and software.  Up to five MOSFETs or one Linear 5ive Array can be plugged into one module.  This provides easy mobility within the treatment room.  The PC is on-line with the Reader Module and dose is obtained in real-time.

• Routine In-vivo Dosimetry

• 1-2 Fields / Patient starts

• First Dose; Treatment Plan Verification

• IMRT QA and Phantom Work

• Brachytherapy

• IGRT / Tomotherapy

• Radiology

• Intracavitary Measurement

Dose Points

• 1 - 5 on-line, (Up to 40 on-line with additional Reader Modules and transceivers)

Software Features

• Interactive, 2-way on-line communication between a PC and the Reader Module

• Dose obtained in real-time

• Performs all dose data measurements with a few mouse clicks

• Calibration feature enables quick and easy calibration of the MOSFETs

• Capability to assign Calibration Factors, Correction Factors and Target Dose to each MOSFET.  Final dose and percent deviation from target are automatically calculated

• Export to Excel™

• Set interval read times to sample multiple doses during treatment (automatic or manual control)

• With multiple systems and transceivers, one PC can read MOSFETs in multiple treatment rooms simultaneously

• Patient records can be saved, imported, and/or printed and are password checked

The MOSFET Dosimeter
• One dosimeter/calibration factor for all photon/electron modalities

• Isotropic (± 2% for 360°)

• Active region of 0.2 x 0.2 mm

• Permits pinpoint measurement without patient shielding

• Dose-rate and temperature independent

• Lightweight and flexible

• Multiple dosimeter capability with one Reader

• Standard MOSFET is 2.5 mm wide

• MicroMOSFET is 1 mm wide

• Linear 5ive Array - 5 dose points on one flex

Hardware Features

• Bluetooth™ transceiver (wall mounted)

• Reader Module (17.8 cm x 15.9 cm x 4.2 cm)

• Wireless (up to 10 meters), portable and mobile

• Contains reader, Bluetooth™ transceiver, dual bias supply settings (high and standard), ports for 5 MOSFETs and a port for 1 Linear 5ive Array

• One Reader Module can be used for 1-5 MOSFETs or one Linear 5ive Array

• Battery Operated (Rechargeable; >20 hours of typical use)

• Built-in smart charger (<3 hours)

• Software supports up to 8 readers and 40 MOSFETs simultaneously

• Portability between multiple treatment rooms

MOSFET Sensitivity

Under Full Build-Up:
1 mV/cGy on standard bias
2.7 mV/cGy on high sensitivity bias

Under X-Ray Energies: 
9 mV/R on high sensitivity bias

A wireless Bluetooth™ connection allows for complete control of the system from a remote PC outside the treatment room and eliminates cables running across the floor.  Additional Bluetooth™ transceivers expand the use of the system to more treatment rooms.

System Components Include: 
• mobileMOSFET Remote Monitoring Dose Verification Software - Includes:  two (2) years of software support/upgrades, one (1) license (additional licenses available) and one (1) USB-to-Serial Converter

• Reader Module (wireless transceiver, bias, battery, 5 ports for single MOSFETs dosimeters and one port for the Linear 5ive Array, 5 dose points.)

• 50' (15 m) RS-232 Extension Cable (Transceiver extension, PC to Reader connection)

• Universal power adapter for recharging the Reader Module

• (5) Standard Sensitivity Reinforced MOSFET Dosimeters

• Bluetooth™ wireless transceiver (external/wall mounted) and a 6' (2 m) cable

• Carrying Case

• Calibration Jig (acrylic, 30cm x 30cm x 1cm, MOSFET grooves)

• (2) Hemispherical brass build-up caps (0.63cm radius, photons)

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