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Super-Flex Bolus with Film (Bolx I), 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square

Super-Flex Bolus with Film (Bolx I), 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square
Super-Flex Bolus with Film (Bolx I), 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square
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Super-Flex Bolus with Film (Bolx I), 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square.


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Super-Flex Bolus with Film (Bolx I), 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square.

Super-flex material is calibrated with photon and electrons in the energy range greater than 1 MeV.  This assures accurate measurement and administration of the prescribed dose of radiation.  Close quality control of the thickness promotes quality results time after time.  The materials do not flow, creep, or sag out of shape and may be cut with scissors to fit the patient and layered as required to build up the thickness.

• Latex Free.

• Calibrated.

• Equivalent to soft tissue in radiation interaction.

• Transparency allows visual beam location.

• May be cut with scissors and stacked to increase thickness.

• Unaffected by one million rads of radiation.

• Non-allergenic and non-toxic.

• Conforms to body contours with minimal change to thickness.

• Easily cleaned with soap and water.

• 1.03 g/cm3 density.

• 1.02 g/cm3 electron density.

Super-Flex is used because of its excellent ability to conform to body surfaces.  As a transducer array stand-off it makes a smoother surface and acts as a separator in near-surface imaging, making the imaged objects appear clearer.

Radiation Therapy
In the energy range greater than 1 MeV using photons or electrons, Super-Flex calibrations curves are available.  Calibration allows greater accuracy in dosimetry and in therapy.  In use, a bolus is placed over or around the irradiated area to  provide build-up, energy reduction/attenuation, or extra scattering. Super-Flex conforms well to most human surfaces without significant change in thickness.  The soft tissue equivalence density, approximately 1.03 g/cm3, results from its chemical composition which is mostly carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Super-Flex is nearly the ideal material for use as the matrix for test-object phantoms.  The material can also be used as missing tissue or as internal heterogeneity compensation in x-ray imaging techniques that require the compensator to be on or near the patient.

Additional Items
When using bolus on a curved area such as the chest wall, the use of Spandage (Items 674-308 through 674-312) or gauze  will hold the bolus against the skin to prevent gaps.

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Superflex Bolus w/o Film (Bolx II)


0.5cm T x 35cm sq


1.0cm T x 35cm sq


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Superflex Bolus w/ Film (Bolx I)


0.5cm T x 30cm sq


1.0cm T x 30cm sq


1.5cm T x 30cm sq


2.0cm T x 30cm sq


2.5cm T x 30cm sq


3.0cm T x 30cm sq



Item #

Superflex Bolus w/ Film (Bolx I)


0.5 T x 30 x 50cm


1.0 T x 30 x 50cm


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