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705 Handheld Digital Barometer

705 Handheld Digital Barometer
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705 Handheld Digital Barometer.


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705 Handheld Digital Barometer.

The 705 is a portable digital barometer possessing a combination of handheld calculator size, digital display, high accuracy and wide choice of units, making it ideal as a portable absolute pressure reference.  It combines tough and rugged design with an accurate and reliable pressure measurement. New materials and technical innovations from over fifteen years experience with portable pressure testers have resulted in this advanced new product. The 705 pressure indicator uses a micro-machined silicon transducer to produce a pressure reading in units of pressure measurement.

Compact, robust and lightweight with a rugged, ABS molded case, the 705 is designed for single handed operation and provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting. The unit has an integral folding stand.

The 705 features a variety of pressure scales to enable the operator to display the atmospheric pressure in a variety of units, including inHg, mmHg, mb, as the most widely used units in radiation therapy. It also displays ambient temperature in °C and °F with one degree resolution.

The 705 operates on three AA alkaline batteries for 300 hours. The Auto-Off automatic timeout prolongs battery life, but the feature can be disabled by holding the LEAK button while pressing the ON-OFF button. The UNITS button sequentially selects up to 16 units of measurement. The LEAK button sequentially selects maximum reading, minimum reading and initiates a 60-second countdown for leak test. The TARE button sets a zero reading for use as reference.

Calibration Standards: Instruments are calibrated against precision pressure calibration equipment, which is traceable to the international standards.

• Employs the latest in pressure sensor technology.

• Wide range: 0 to 1551 mmHg.

• ±0.1% of F.S. accuracy.

• 16 pressure units.

• Impact resistant, sealed to Type 12/IP54.

• Rugged, lightweight handheld design.

• Leak test, tare, max/min and filter.

• Ambient temperature measurement in °F or °C.


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