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Adult Bite Wedge - Qty. 12 (Discontinued)

Adult Bite Wedge - Qty. 12 (Discontinued)
Adult Bite Wedge - Qty. 12 (Discontinued)
Item Number :

Adult Bite Wedge - Qty. 12


Foam Bite Wedge - Qty. 144/Box (Item # 274-110) is available as a replacement product


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Adult Bite Wedge - Qty. 12

•  Hygienic wrapping tears off easily for immediate access

•  Sanitary, high-density polyethylene pad provides a firm protective cushion

•  Pad is bonded to a tough but flexible double strength hardwood, assuring durability

•  Wedges can be notched for the teeth (see photo above)

Quantity: 12 per Package

Bite Wedges can also be purchased by the case (qty 144) by using item number 274-100-1



  • Use a bite block when performing oral care on patients with altered levels of consciousness.
  • Place padded part of the block in mouth in between the teeth.
  • If teeth have clamped shut, do not attempt to force mouth open or force bite block in.
  • Discard after use. May not function as intended if reused.
  • Intended for single oral use only.
  • Ensure foam is intact after use. If not, remove any particles from oral cavity.

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