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Bed, Manual, MR/TBI/HDR with 0-60 Degree Fowler Positioning

Bed, Manual, MR/TBI/HDR with 0-60 Degree Fowler Positioning

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Bed, Manual, MR/TBI/HDR with 0-60° Fowler Positioning


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Bed, Manual, MR/TBI/HDR with 0-60° Fowler Positioning

 •  MR Conditional to 3T
 •  Made from only Non-Ferromagnetic Materials
 •  Collapsible Guard Rails
 •  Slots for Attaching Straps
 •  Easy to Maneuver


This treatment bed is MR conditional to 3T and can also be used for TBI or HDR treatment.

The Slessinger board (Item 946-004) will work with this bed and can also go into an MR suite. When using the Slessinger board with the bed, a stop mounted into the keyhole slots at the foot end of the bed will prevent the Slessinger board from sliding.

This all aluminum, non-magnetic bed has an adjustable backrest for fowler positioning at 15°, 30°, 45° and 60° angles. The backrest can be adjusted to the angle needed by raising the backrest to the desired position. To lower the backrest, raise the backrest a little and pull knob at the end of the bed to lower. The flat, fixed end of the bed is 52in (132cm) long and the adjustable backrest is 27in (68.6cm) long. There are four slots on each side of the bed to allow for up to four sets of the optional 4in (10cm) Universal Velcro Straps.

Three removable aluminum plates, with Velcro attached, fit into the keyhole slots on the bed. These removable plates are used when the optional Treatment Bed Cushions (Item 182-310) are being used and will prevent cushion movement. The optional Treatment Bed Cushions have Velcro mounted to the bottom of the cushions which attaches to the Velcro on the removable plates.

The collapsible guard rails are 11in (28cm) high from the top of the bed and 36in (91.4cm) long and can be locked in the up or down position.

The bed height can be set at 28, 29 or 30in (71.1, 73.7, or 76.2cm) with the four locking pins. With the optional Caster Leg Extensions (Item 182-304), the bed height can be set from 46 to 48in (116.8 to 121.9cm).

The 5in (12.7cm) non-magnetic, lockable casters make this unit easy and convenient for one person to maneuver.


Optional Items

Caster Leg Extension 4/Set (Item # 182-304)

Treatment Bed Cushions (Item # 182-310)

IV Pole 5/8" x 32", MRI Conditional, Non-Ferromagnetic (Item # 182-320)

4” Universal Straps for 18” to 30” Wide Tables (Item # 253-204)

CT/MR Slessinger Board for HDR Brachytherapy (Item # 946-004)


Frame Material: Aluminum

Bed Size: 80in L x 25in W (203.2cm L x 63.5cm W)

Bed Height in Three Positions: 28, 29 or 30in (71.1, 73.7, or 76.2cm)

Caster Size: 5in (12.7cm) Non-Magnetic with lock

Paint: Precision Tan

Anodized Aluminum: Blue

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs (158kg)

Shipping Weight: 95 lbs (44kg) via truck



Data Sheet
  • MR Conditional


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