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CDX 2000B Electrometer

CDX 2000B Electrometer

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CDX 2000B Electrometer.


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CDX 2000B Electrometer.

Versatile, Affordable

The compact, stable, lightweight and easily transported CDX 2000B has wide amp and coulomb ranges for both external beam dosimetry measurements and precise HDR brachytherapy calibrations.

Extended Range for Many Applications
The wide range of the CDX 2000B makes it an excellent instrument for external beam, absolute dosimetry measurements with standard Farmer-type and parallel plate ion chambers. It is also reliable and precise for HDR brachytherapy calibrations.

Low Noise and Stable Repeatability
A powerful digital microprocessor provides 0.1% repeatability and exceptionally low leakage of less than 5 fA. The built-in digital filter nearly eliminates the effects of noise, resulting in stable and exact measurements.

Easy to use pressure sensitive buttons control the operations. With user activated zeroing, just press the button and it is ready to measure. The rechargeable battery operation, with percent of battery charge displayed on the screen, provides convenient use.


Easy to Use with Convenient Features

Control operations with a fast, push button inferface. With user activated zeroing, just press the button and it is ready to measure. The CDX 2000B operates off a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continuous use.


Enhanced Bias Selection
The CDX 2000B allows a wide assortment of bias settings for performing both TG-51 and now TRS-398 measurements with support for 1/3 bias ratio settings. Apply (+/-) 450, 300. or 150 VDC to your chamber of choice with no external bias supply required.

Unique Timing Capabilities
The unique timing feature is ideally suited for HDR brachytherapy calibration measurements.  The CDX 2000B can capture charge for a selected amount of time during an exposure, thereby eliminating end effects or other variable portions of an exposure. 

This timed collection application is very useful during the measurement of high dose rate brachytherapy sources, allowing the measurement of charge only during the time the source is in place and the rate is constant.

Simultaneous display of amp, coulomb and collection time minimizes the need to switch screens.

Rate Mode: 0.01 nA - 500.00 nA, 1 pA resolution
Charge Mode:  0.01 nC - 999,999 nC, 10 pC resolution
Combined:  Accumulated charge and current readings are displayed simultaneously
Timed:  User set duration (Range: 0-600 sec; Increment: 15 sec; Resolution: 1 sec)
Continuous:  Unlimited duration with manual stop
Repeatability: 0.1% (IEC 60731 requirement: – 0.5%)

Long Term Stability:  0.5% (maximum change over one year)
Zero Drift/Shift:  < –0.001 nA
5 User Settings:  -450, -300, -150, 0; 150, 300, 450 (VDC)
Bias Accuracy:  ±0.3 volt – 450 volt bias
Display:  Backlit LCD, 2 x 20 with 5/16” characters
Input:  BNC two lug, triaxial connector

Power: 100-240 VAC, 0.5 A max, 50/60 Hz input to external power supply, 9 VDC, 1.7 A power supply output to electrometer input, UL/TUL listed power supply; internal battery: 8 hrs per charge

Dimensions:  8.24” W x 9” L x 2.75” H
Weight:  3 lbs

Designed to exceed AAPM, ADCL and reference grade instrument specifications


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