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Crainospinal Immobilization Device (CSID)

Crainospinal Immobilization Device (CSID)
Crainospinal Immobilization Device (CSID)
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Crainospinal Immobilization Device (CSID).


Crainospinal Immobilization Device (CSID).

The CSID is a revolutionary, unique and patented immobilizing device that holds a patient in the prone position to receive radiation treatment of the cranium and spine with very precise and tight tolerances.

The base platform of the CISD is a ¾” thick almond Colorlam panel.  The 3/8” thick clear lexan raised patient platform is attached to the base platform by means of four (4) 1.5” diameter UHMW support rods.

The space between the base platform and the patient platform is 3” which allows for the placement of a film cassette for portal localization without moving the patient.

A base block is attached to the head of the base platform at the center.  The vertical tower that holds the facemask support slides into the base block and is held in place with a tightening knob. The tower has a vertical scale of 8 to 33 cm with 0.5 cm gradations so the height adjustable facemask support can be set to the exact height daily.  The facemask support can rotate left or right up to 15°.  There is a scale with 5° increments that will show the amount of rotation.  The facemask support can also adjust downward from the horizontal position.   Loosening the black knobs and then tightening them when the patient position is set makes any adjustments to the facemask support.  A standard U-frame thermoplastic mask can be used and is locked onto the facemask support frame with two screws.

The CSID makes possible the perfect alignment of the cranial and spinal fields, thus achieving near 100% reproducibility with perfect matching fields and gaps.  Marking laser positions on the mask are necessary for reproducibility.

The CSID will enable the physician and therapist to achieve a faster setup of the patient as well as accurately reproducing the treatment position, thus allowing for more efficient treatment in less time.  At the same time it will allow the therapist to palpate the spine and visualize the outer cantus and meatus through the mask cutout, which is crucial for accurately placing the lateral and posterior fields.

Base Platform Dimensions:  20” W x 42.5” L x ¾” Thick
Base Platform Material:  ¾" Thick Colorlam Panel
Patient Platform Dimensions:  20” W x 34” L x 3/8” Thick, 26” L to start of Slope, Slope is 8” L
Patient Platform Material:  3/8” Thick Clear Lexan

Facemask Support:
Outside Dimensions:  10.5” W x 13.5” L
Inside Dimensions:  7” W x 10.65” L
Maximum Height:  33 cm
Left / Right Rotation:  5°, 10° or 15°

Total Assembled Weight:  approximately 40 lbs
Shipping:  Ships in two (2) boxes

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