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Cs-137 Tube Source 30 mg Ra Equivalent

Cs-137 Tube Source 30 mg Ra Equivalent
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Cs137 Tube Source 30 mg Ra Equivalent.


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Cs137 Tube Source 30 mg Ra Equivalent.

The EZIP Cesium137 brachytherapy tube sources contain a cesium labeled ceramic rod as the active element surrounded by two stainless steel encapsulations, each of which is of welded construction.  The tube sources are available as standard size tubes,  20 mm long x 3.05 mm diameter, the inner ceramic active element is 14.8 mm long x 1.52 mm in diameter.

Each source is engraved with the manufacturer name, nuclide (Cs137) nominal activity in mCi, and serial number.

There is a colored ring, visible from the side and one end to facilitate easy source strength identification

mg Ra-226 Equivalent (mg):  30
Color Code:  Orange
Apparent Nominal Cesium137 Activity (mCi):  75.0
Air Kerma Strength Nominal (µGy m2/h-1):  216.8
Air Kerma Strength (µGy m2/h-1):  198.2 – 235.4
Air Kerma Tolerance (%):  8.6

Documentation Needed to Place Order: 
• A copy of your NRC license

• End Use Statement

• Cesium-137 Energy:  0.66 MeV

• Gamma Factor for Cs-137:  3.3

• Gamma Factor (filtered) for Ra-266:  8.25

• Air Kerma Strength:  7.227uGy m2h-1 / mgRaEq10

• Tolerance:  5%

Radiation Protection
The HVL in lead for Cesium-137 is 6.5 mm

The TVL in lead for Cesium-137 is 21 mm

Physical Characteristics
Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30.0 years and decays with the emission of a monoenergetic gamma ray of 0.66 MeV.

To correct for physical decay of Cesium-137, the decay factors at selected years after the assay date are shown in Table 1.

How Supplied
EZIP Cesium-137 tube sources are packaged in a lead pig which is labeled to indicate the isotope, amount of activity, and calibration date.  A calibration certificate and instructions for safe handling and use are also supplied.

Leak Testing
EZIP Cesium-137 tube sources are leak tested prior to shipment and the results provided with shipping certification papers that accompany each shipment.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved this sealed source (SSDR# CA0406S125S) for distribution to persons licensed to use by product material identified in §35.400 of 10 CFR Part 35, to persons who hold an equivalent licenser issued by an Agreement State, and outside the United States, to person authorized by the appropriate authority.

Federal law restricts this device for sale by or on the order of a physician.  Please observe the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for hazardous material contained in Title 49, code of Federal Regulations (HMR; 49CFR), transport and use of radioactive material.

Isodose Curves Available Upon Request


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