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LINACHECK® Monitor Test Device

LINACHECK® Monitor Test Device
LINACHECK® Monitor Test Device
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LINACHECK® Monitor Test Device


LINACHECK® Monitor Test Device


Dosimetric test device for automatic constancy tests of the LINAC dose monitor calibration

• Checks the monitor calibration in a simple and reliable manner
• Measures dose, dose rate and irradiation time simultaneously
• Does not need air density correction due to the built-in sealed ionization chamber
• Stores up to 99 measurements

LINACHECK is suitable to verify very quickly and easily the most important parameter of a linear accelerator, the monitor
calibration. For measurements, the lightweight device is put on the table-top in a 10 cm x 10 cm field. As the radiation detector is a built-in sealed plane parallel ionization chamber, no air density correction is required. The LINACHECK features auto-start, autostop and autozeroing. The bright and large display serves for easy reading from a distance. As up to 99 measurements can be stored, all LINACs may be checked one after the other, using different photon and electron energies. When the measurements are finished, data can be evaluated. The user can recalibrate the chamber. LINACHECK is operated by rechargeable batteries.