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Disposable Foam Hand Ring

Disposable Foam Hand Ring
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Disposable Foam Hand Ring


Disposable Foam Hand Ring


The Foam Hand Ring is designed to maintain patient comfort and support throughout radiation therapy treatments, MRI an CT scans, or any procedure requiring complete patient immobilization for a quality reatment, image, or scan. Often, patients struggle to keep their arms still for a long period of time. This foam hand ring allows them to rest with ease. 


The Hand Rings are made of a closed-cell polyethylene. It can be cleaned and wiped down, as it is a non-absorbent foam and therefore do not require a cover or coating, which can crack and become damaged. The rings are intended to be used per patient, or daily, and then thrown away. 



  • Patient Comfort
  • Increased Immobilization
  • Optimal Image Quality
  • Disposable - Prevents Cross Contamination
  • Non-absorbent, Chemical Resistant
  • 100% MRI Safe and Radiolucent



Outside Diameter: 6"

Inside Diameter: 4"

Thickness: 1"