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DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer

DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer
DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer

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DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer.


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DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer.

The DOSE 1 is a portable, single channel, high-precision reference class electrometer that significantly exceeds the recommendations of the IEC 60731 and the AAPM ADCL. It combines superior accuracy with an excellent resolution in a wide dynamic range. The electrometer can be used with ionization chambers, semiconductor detectors and diamond probes for measurements of absorbed dose.  In combination with radioactive check sources the response stability of the ionization chambers is verified and the cross calibration performed.


• Large and high contrast graphic electro luminescent display with a wide viewing angle (160°) for complete and comprehensive display of all measured values, chamber and correction factors

• Ergonomic design of the operator interface, intuitive easy to use soft keys, pop-up menus

• Dose, dose rate, average dose rate, charge, current and dose per monitor unit measurements are displayed simultaneously

• For verification of instrument, connecting cable and proper sensor operation, an electrical check source as well as leakage and bias voltage testing are included as standard built-in features

• Possibility to store up to 40 different sensors, same number of correction factors and up to 10 radioactive check sources


• Separate measurement or performance of a whole queue of batches (Batch measurement consists of doing several measurements, and to compute the average)

• Automatic starting and stopping function when running a batch measurement

• Fully automated calculation of average and normalization to a reference value (e.g. automated output factor determination)

• Visibility of old results due to saving of measurements in a database or file

• Results are collected and sent from the electrometer to the PC Continuously

• Results can be presented on the screen as tables or graphics

• The communication between the DOSE 1 and the PC is realized via RS-232 serial interface

• Result of individual measurements as well as batch summaries can be adapted and saved in text and XML formats for data import, e.g. into Excel for further analysis

• The administration software allows the management of detectors, correction factors and radioactive check sources with PC


Item 321-105, the Dose 1 Electrometer with a Battery Pack is the same unit as the 321-100 but with the additional capability of battery power in case of power loss.

Bias Voltage:  ±500 V, programmable in steps of 1 V

Sensor Connector Types
Standard Option:  Triaxial TNC (threaded) in combination with triaxial BNC (bayonet)
Alternative “Convertible Option”:  M-Type, BNC/Banana and triaxial TNC, triaxial BNC

Temperature Range:  15 - 35°
Relative Humidity:  10 - 80% rel. humidity
Absolute Humidity:  Max. 20 g/m3
Power Supply (Mains):  100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
PC Interface:  Bidirectional RS-232, configuration and measurement software
Outer Dimensions:  10.2" W x 10.2" L x 6.5" H (259 x 259 x 165 mm)
Weight:  7.7 lb (3.5 kg)

Measuring Modes/Range
Charge (Dose):
  40pC to 1.0C at 0.1pC resolution
Current (Dose Rate):  40pA to 1000nA at 0.1pA resolution

Measuring Quantities and Units
  charge (C), Current (A)
Integrate:  Gy, Sv, R, rad, rem
Time Base for Rate:  Second, minute, hour
Interval Time Range:  1 to 9999 sec
Accuracy/Repeatability:  ±0.2%
Leakage Current: £ ±10fA, typically 1fA
Linearity:  < ±0.25% in whole range
Stability:  < ±0.25% per year
Display:  Graphic electro luminescent, 160° viewing angle
Zero:  Automatic, within 60 sec.
Memory:  All setup and detector parameters stored in EEPROM
Background Compensation:  On/off mode with memory

Computer Requirements
Operating System:
  Windows® XP Pro, Windows® 2000
Interface to Dose1:  RS232

CE:  0124

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