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Elasto-Gel, 0.5cm Thick, 20cm x 40cm

Elasto-Gel, 0.5cm Thick, 20cm x 40cm
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Elasto-Gel, 0.5 cm Thick, 20 cm x 40 cm.


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Elasto-Gel, 0.5 cm Thick, 20 cm x 40 cm.

Materials are frequently used in high-energy radiation therapy in order to deliver the prescribed dose to the patient’s skin surface.  Elasto-gel is easy to work with, reusable on the same patient, is mildly adhesive, and conforms exceptionally well to body contours.  It may be easily cut with a scissors to the desired size and shape.  Standard backing is stretch cloth on one side and clear plastic on the other.  The stretch backing may be removed by first moistening with a damp cloth and then peeling the cloth from the gel.  Because of the self-adhesive nature of the gel pieces, they may be layered together for various thicknesses. This product is designed for skin contact and does not include latex or any other known irritants.

WARNING:  The gel nature of this Elasto-Gel pad makes thickness vary so each pad must be measured for thickness before use.

Note: Single patient use only.



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0.5cm T x 30cm sq


1.0cm T x 30cm sq


0.3cm T x 20cm x40cm


0.5cm T x 20cm x 40cm


1.0cm T x 20cm x 40cm


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