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Elekta SL-20, 75, L5

Elekta SL-20, 75, L5
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Elekta SL-20, 75 and L5 Graticule Mounted to Gantry Head


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Elekta SL20, 75 and L5 Graticule Mounted to Gantry Head

The Accelerator Localizing Cross Trays have divergent tungsten pins 1/16" and 3/32" in diameter x 1/2" long (0.16 and 0.24 x 1.27 cm).  They are spaced 1 cm apart in four quadrants at isocenter.  Every fifth pin is 3/32" (0.24 cm) diameter, which makes for easy counting.  The small dots prevent any obscuring of the film viewing, yet allow easy measurements. The acrylic graticule fits into the metal tray so the graticule will not shift off center even if bumped.  The shadow tray system needs to be removed in order to use this graticule.


Acrylic Tray Density:  1.185 g/cm3
Coding:  Elekta Code 126

Note: Custom Localizing Cross Trays can be manufactured for any accelerator.

Information Needed to Order
•  Machine Manufacturer and Model
•  Type of Coding
•  Target to bottom of wedge tray slot in centimeters
•  Contact Information

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