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GAFChromic Film, XR-QA2, 8" x 10" (10/Box)

GAFChromic Film, XR-QA2, 8" x 10" (10/Box)

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GAFChromic Film, XR-QA2, 8" x 10" (10/Box)


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GAFChromic Film, XR-QA2, 8" x 10" (10/Box)


GAFChromic XR-QA2 film is designed specifically as a QA tool for radiology in a processor-less environment. It can be cut and handled in room light. Energy range: ~20 KVp to 200 KVp.


• No processor required

• Instant calibration results

• High data integrity

• Improved contrast

• Sensitive to dose range 0.1 cGy to 20 cGy

• Cost effective, easy to use

• Can be handled in room light


A. Yellow Polyester:  97 microns
B. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:  20 microns
C. Active Layer:  25 microns
D. White Polyester:  97 microns

Actual film layer thicknesses may vary slightly


Imaging Detail with High Resolution and Contrast

State-of-the-art quality production techniques for XR-QA2 assure consistent and reliable high contrast results, with imaging detail at greater than 5000 dpi.  Results are easy to read; and data is easy to understand.


Head Phantom Dosimetry Application

Typical head phantom radiation analysis XR-QA2 film is easy to use, cost effective, and compatible with a wide variety of phantoms.


Chest Phantom Dosimetry Application

Typical chest radiation analysis results taken from an in vivo study for a chest exam with 64 slices made with a CT scanner

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