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Head / Body CT Phantom

Head / Body CT Phantom
Head / Body CT Phantom
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Head / Body CT Phantom.


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Head / Body CT Phantom.

The Head/Body CT Phantom provides a set of tools for evaluating CT image quality.  The main modules are constructed of Solid Water®.  This permits testing without the difficulties of filling phantoms with water.  The set of standard inserts is sufficient for many users.  The Head/Body CT Phantom comes complete with a custom carrying case.

• Head Module of a uniform disc of Solid Water® Material

• Ring of Bone mimicking material that mounts around the head module is included

• Body scanning module, body annulus is mounted on the head module.

• The head has 5 tapered cavities which accept tapered inserts and the body annulus ring has 4 cavities, providing a total of 9 test positions.

Phantom Construction:  Solid Water® Material

Inserts Included:
(9) Uniform Solid Water® inserts for measurement of Noise, CT Number, and Uniformity
(1) Edge/Contrast Scale Response
(1) Spatial Resolution (1.50 to 0.4 mm at 100% contrast)
(1) Low Contrast Detectability (0.6%)
(1) Alignment Artifact (Aluminum Pin)
(4) Alignment, Slice Thickness, Phantom Position
(2) Slice Thickness and Sensitivity Profile 2:1 Slope (26.6° Slope)
(2) Beam Hardening Artifact (Simulated Bone)
(6) Linearity

Case Size:  24" x 16" x 8" (70 x 41 x 22 cm)
Weight:  35.7 lb (16.2 kg)