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Heavy Duty 4 Square Cassettes

Heavy Duty 4 Square Cassettes
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Heavy Duty 4 Square Cassettes.


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Heavy Duty 4 Square Cassettes.

The Four Square Cassette uses all brands of film.  It features a closed channel stainless steel frame.  The front panel consists of a phenolic plastic face and felt backing which is laminated to a magnesium alloy plate.  This construction presents a flat surface that will not warp and gives excellent film/screen contact.  The door is made of aluminum, lead foil (0.005" thick) and thick wool felt with two floating stainless steel hinges.

The locking bars are made of stainless steel and are designed to give excellent closure to prevent light leakage and provide the necessary pressure at all points to give complete contact.  The “D” Ring provides easy opening of the cassette door.

Lead Intensifying Screens are ordered separately.

Film Size:
  14” X 36” (35 x 91 cm)
Thickness:  0.665” (1.689 cm)
Weight:  12.4 lb (5.6 kg)

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