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ICRU Cortical Bone Equivalent Core Insert

ICRU Cortical Bone Equivalent Core Insert
ICRU Cortical Bone Equivalent Core Insert
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ICRU Cortical Bone Equivalent Core Insert


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Electron Density Phantom Optional Accessory

**ICRU Cortical Bone Equivalent Core Insert***
*Physical Density (g/cc): 1.91
Electron Density x 1023 electrons/cc: 5.915
RED (Relative to H2O): 1.771

* Physical Density - The actual physical density of the insert can vary within ± 1% of the manufacturing target density.
Note: CIRS strongly recommends that the user inputs the electron density whenever prompted for material data by the TPS.

** These inserts have a a standard 30 mm diameter and contain a 10 mm diameter core of the indicated reference surrounded by H2O-equivalent background. Hydroxyapatite (unit mg/cc) in H2O background Plugs to accommodate chambers, TLD’s and film available upon special request. The titanium reference has a unique diameter of 6.35 mm.

*** CIRS Cortical bone reference is based on ICRU Report No.44, and represents ≃12.2% H20, 24.6% protein, 58% mineral (assumed to be Calcium Hydroxyapatite (HA)), and 5.2% monosaccharides. CIRS further offers a series of mineral density references that mimic various HA concentrations in a pure water-equivalent epoxy background matrix.