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The Radiation Products Design Commitment

Back in the mid 1970’s the field of radiation therapy was rapidly changing, Cobalt units were being replaced with linear accelerators and GYN implants were becoming a standard. I was working in a radiation therapy department and realized there was a need to provide departments with quality products and services, as not all departments had the ability to make the products they needed or wanted. With the encouragement from doctors and physicists, I started Radiation Products Design in my garage.

Today, nearly 30 years later, I realize this business is not only my work but my hobby. The company has grown and we now have a manufacturing plant here in Albertville, MN. We now serve the radiation oncology field worldwide.

We strive to work closely with our customers to design, develop, and provide quality products that meet their needs at a reasonable cost.

We would like to thank the doctors, physicists, dosimetrists, and therapists who have worked closely with us in the design of many of our products. We welcome the opportunity to place our staff and facilities at your disposal to design, develop, and fabricate custom products to meet your specific applications. Out of this joint customer-manufacturer effort new and useful products can become available to the radiation oncology community.




The Radiation Products Design, Inc. building