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Max3 Plus Breast Board

Max3 Plus Breast Board
Max3 Plus Breast Board

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Bionix® Max3™ Plus Breast Board.


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Bionix® Max3™ Plus Breast Board.

The Max3 Plus Breast Board is made out of carbon fiber and is specifically designed to treat breast and lung patients.  The system features large grid panels and an integrated carbon fiber wedge system.  The system also accommodates a large variety of accessories to secure patients during treatment.

•  Four integrated elevation carbon fiber wedges at 7°, 12°, 17°, and 23°.

•  Indexing Backstop Cushion to prevent patients from involuntarily sliding downward.

•  Able to accommodate patients up to 350 lb (158.8 kg).

•  Compatible with Embrace Head Only VersaFrames.

•  Compatible with Silverman head supports.

•  Locks down onto most treatment couches.

•  Accommodates Butterfly Board, Arm Supports and SecureVac™ Bags.

•  Accomodates Thermoplastic sheets.

•  Large grid panels for increased treatment angles.

The Bionix® Max3™ Plus Breast Board Includes:

 • 1 Max3™ Plus Breast Board

 • 1 Head Cup

 • 2 Hand Posts

 • 1 Indexing Backstop Cushion

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