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Plain MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack

Plain MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack

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Plain MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack.


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Plain MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack.

MicroMOSFET Dosimeter
With a width of 1.0 mm and an extra long 375 mm flex, the microMOSFET dosimeter is small enough and long enough for use inside a 6 Fr catheter.

Plain MOSFET Dosimeter
The plain MOSFET dosimeter does not have the protective plastic coating.  Customers using phantoms with tight tolerances may require the plain dosimeter otherwise, the reinforced dosimeter is recommended.

• One calibration factor for all photon and electron modalities in the radiotherapy energy range

• Isotropic (± 3% or better for 360°)

• Active region of 0.2 x 0.2 mm

• Permits pinpoint measurement without patient shielding

• Dose-rate and temperature independent

• Unobtrusive in procedures

• Lightweight and flexible

• Multiple dosimeter capability with one reader

Flex Dimensions*: 
With of Flex:
  1.0 mm
Thickness of Flex (flat part of flex):  0.3 mm
Length of Flex (from end of gray cable):  375 mm
Thickness of Bulb:  1.0 mm
Length of Bulb:  3.5 mm
Distance to Center of Chip (from end of bulb):  1.75 mm
Common Uses:  Fits down a 6Fr catheter for dose verification during HDR procedures

*Measurements listed above are average values and are meant to serve as a guide for the use of MOSFET dosimeters.  For phantom use and tolerances, please contact Best Medical Canada directly for more detailed information.

Note: MOSFET Dosimeters are available with a 10' (3 m) cable upon request.

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