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PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter - mRem

PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter - mRem
PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter - mRem
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PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter - mRem.


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PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter - mRem.

The PDM-127 is a highly-sensitive dosimeter for measurement of Gamma(X)-ray and is compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket. With an energy threshold that goes down to 20 keV, it is best suited for applications in X-Ray. The PDM-127 displays both accumulated dose and dose rate.


• Light and compact to fit in a pocket

• Wide measurement range from .01mrem to 100 rem

• Accumulated dose and dose rate measuring

• Data holding function

• Simple operation of only one button

PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeter Includes

(1)  Battery

(1)  Strap

(1)  Instruction manual

(1)  Calibration certificate

(1)  Inspection certificate

Radiation Detected:  Gamma and X-ray
Energy Threshold:  20 KeV
Detector:  Silicon semiconductor

Measurement Range:
Dose:  0.1 mrem – 100 rem
Dose Rate:  0.1 mrem/h – 10 rem/h

Accuracy:  Within ± 10% 1 mrem – 100 rem; Calibrated by 241Am using slab phantom
Power:  One CR2450 Lithium Battery (conforming to IEC60086-2)
Battery Life:  Approx. 350 hrs of continuous use (at room temp 20° C)
Environmental Requirements:  -10° to +50° C: relative humidity up to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions:  30 W x 11 D x 108 H mm excluding clip
Weight:  40 g

Please Note:  Nonconforming battery may cause a malfunction of the instrument

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