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PRIMALERT 35 Area Radiation Monitor

PRIMALERT 35 Area Radiation Monitor
PRIMALERT 35 Area Radiation Monitor

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PRIMALERT™ 35 Area Radiation Monitor.


PRIMALERT™ 35 Area Radiation Monitor.

The PRIMALERT™ 35 assures reliable, continuous monitoring wherever radioactive materials are present.  It displays the radiation level in bright color-coded lights, and it emits audible and/or visible signals whenever the gamma radiation exceeds a user-preset alarm level.

• Calibrated

• Monitor for Radioactive Material

• Compact

• Lightweight

• Optional PRIMALARM™ Remote Alarm

Six range indicators (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 mR/hr) clearly display an increase or decrease in radiation levels.  The alarm can be set at any of the six levels by a front-panel, screwdriver-adjustable control.  The light for each level goes on when the radiation intensity reaches that level and goes out when the rate drops below the level.  This permits instant radiation-level recognition not readily distinguishable on meter-type instruments.

When the preset level is exceeded, personnel are alerted by bright flashing red lights (visible over a 180° field) and a loud intermittent audio signal.  The alarms stop automatically when the radiation level falls below the preset value.  A front-panel switch permits the selection of both the visible and audible alarms or just the visible alarm.

Fail-safe operation is assured by a light which continuously indicates background radiation and provides visual proof that the unit is functioning.  The monitor will not jam or show false readings in high radiation fields.

The PRIMALERT™ 35 contains an energy-compensated GM detector, and features a convenient automatic alarm reset.

PRIMALERT™ 35 Monitor Includes
• Self-Stick Wall-Mounting Bracket

• AC Adapter/Power Converter

• Informational CD

• Calibration Report

Power:  Line operated with UL listed converter: 100-240 VAC,   50-60 Hz to 12VDC, 0.5 Amp
Size:  3.5" W x 6" H x 1.5" T (9 x 15 x 4 cm)
Weight:  2 lb (1 kg)

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