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PTW 34013 0.005cc Soft X-Ray Chamber

PTW 34013 0.005cc Soft X-Ray Chamber
PTW 34013 0.005cc Soft X-Ray Chamber

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PTW 34013 0.005cc Soft X-Ray Chamber.


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PTW 34013 0.005cc Soft X-Ray Chamber.

The 34013 soft X-ray chamber is used for absolute dose measurements in low-energy photon beams as used in superficial radiation therapy.  The chamber’s small size enables the user to perform measurements with excellent spatial resolution.  Correction factors needed for the determination of absorbed dose to water are available.  The chamber is designed for the use in solid state phantoms.


• Ultra thin entrance window

• For low-energy photons from 8 keV to 35 keV

• Suitable for use in air and in solid state phantoms

Thin window plane parallel chamber for dose measurements in superficial radiation therapy.

Type of Product:  vented plane parallel ionization chamber
Application:  absolute dosimetry in low-energy photon beams
Measuring Quantities:  absorbed dose to water, air kerma, exposure
Reference Radiation Quality:  30 kV, HVL 0.37 mm Al (T30)
Nominal Sensitive Volume:  0.005 cm3
Design:  not waterproof, vented
Reference Point:  in chamber center of entrance foil underside
Direction of Incidence:  perpendicular to chamber plane
Nominal Response:  200 pC/Gy
Long-term Stability:  ≤ 1% per year
Chamber Bias Voltage:  400 V nominal, ± 400 V Maximal
Directional Response:  ≤ ± 5% for chamber tilting up to ± 10°
Leakage Current:  ≤ 10 fA
Cable Leakage:  ≤ 1 pC/(Gy∙cm)

Materials and Measures: 
Entrance Foil:  25 µm PE
Total window area density:  2.3 mg/cm2
Sensitive Volume:  radius 0.85 mm, depth 0.75 mm

Ion Collection Efficiency at Nominal Voltage:
Ion Collection Time:
  0.03 ms

Max. dose rate for:
≤ 99.5% Saturation:
  0.99 kGy/s
≤ 99.0% Saturation:  1.9 kGy/s

Max. dose per pulse for:
≤ 99.5% Saturation:
  4 Gy
≤ 99.0% Saturation:  10 Gy

Useful ranges: 
Chamber Voltage:  ± 100 – 400 V
Radiation quality:  8 - 35 keV x-rays
Field Size:  0.5 x 0.5 cm2 to 40 x 40 cm2
Temperature:  50° - 104° F (10° - 40°C)
Humidity:  20 - 80 %, max 20 g/m3
Air Pressure:  700 – 160 hPa


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