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Small Water Phantom, with 230 VAC Motor Drive System

Small Water Phantom, with 230 VAC Motor Drive System
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Small Water Phantom, with 230 VAC Motor Drive System.


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Small Water Phantom, with 230 VAC Motor Drive System.

Motor Drive System
The main feature of this motor drive system is that no travel movement counts are lost if jogging up or down when setting the chamber depth position.  This is due to an output shaft encoder producing 100 counts per millimeter in travel and a quadrature X 1 counting mode.  This mode requires two identical square wave signals with one of the (QUAD) shifted 90° relative to other (COUNT).  These two signals are processed by a dual counter.  Counter accuracy becomes 0.01 mm with no lost counts.

The all metal motor drive system adds convenience and saves time by allowing the user to set the ion chamber position from outside of the treatment room.

• Rugged construction.

• Precision ground shaft.

• Variable speed control.

• All metal motor drive.

• No lost counts of travel.

• No jitter counting.

• Quadrature X1 counting mode.

• Two sizes of water tanks are available.

• Meets AAPM-51 and IAEA TRS-398 dosimetry protocol requirements.

The motor control box has a 5 digit 1/2" (1.27 cm) LCD (liquid crystal display) which reads to 0.01 mm resolution, and has a reset button below the display.  A downward chamber movement is indicated by a (-) on the LCD.  A knob for the motor speed control sets the speed of travel based on the % of maximum motor speed.  When pushed, the drive thumb switch gives continuous motion in the up (p / +) or down (q / -) direction of travel.  A lighted power switch indicates when the unit is on.  The motor control box is fused through a 6' (1.8 m) long hospital grade cord that attaches to the motor control box through an isolation transformer.  A fuse holder is located on the back of the motor control box for easy service and accessibility.

A 50’ (15.25 m) fully shielded cable connects the motor control box to the motor drive unit.  Individual cables (Item 691-080) can be installed in each treatment room.

The motor drive unit sits on the side of the water phantom and is manually positioned in the X or Y axis using the scales on the side of the phantom.  The motor drive unit is held in place using the two tightening screws.  The momentary toggle switch on the side of the motor drive unit also controls the up/down direction of travel.  The speed of travel is set at the motor control box.  The vertical position is displayed in millimeters at the motor control box or can be read on the 30 cm scale attached to the motor drive unit.  The maximum vertical travel is 30 cm.

For safety the maximum power supply to the motor is 24 volts D.C.  All components of the motor control box and motor drive unit are UL approved.

Water Phantom
The water phantom has 1/4" (0.635 cm) thick clear acrylic sides, a 3/8" (0.953 cm) thick white acrylic bottom, and a clear acrylic support rim at the top of the phantom.  The white bottom allows for easy viewing of the chamber and cross hair shadows.  The water phantom has a tank plug and a drain valve assembly.  A 5' (1.5 m) drain hose is also included.  Two sides of the water phantom have ±16 cm scales with millimeter markings.  The water phantom is available in two sizes:  large and small.

A 46 cm aluminum depth scale with millimeter markings is included with the water phantom.  The depth scale has a half-round cutout at the base which allows positioning on the active area of a RPD waterproofing tip (Item 691-030 and 691-032) for a Farmer style chamber.  When using the 46 cm aluminum depth scale on the active chamber area of a waterproof Farmer style chamber (all manufacturers) to measure water depth, subtract 1 mm from depth reading.

Small and Large Water Phantoms Include
• Motor control box

• 50’ (15.25 m) cable

• Motor drive unit

• 46 cm aluminum depth scale

• Chamber support rod w/scribing, 1/2" (1.27 cm) diameter delrin

• Acrylic holder for a Farmer Style Chamber

• Drain valve assembly

• Pipe plug

• 5' (1.5 m) drain hose with hose connection


Motor Drive System
  115 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Optional Power:  230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Display:  5 Digit LCD
Accuracy:  0.01 mm
Travel:  30 cm
Cable:  50' (15.25 m) fully shielded
Motor:  Variable speed, reversible, 24 VDC

Water Phantom Tank
Inside Dimensions:
  35 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm D
  15 lb (6.8 kg)
Weight When Full:
  Approximately 104 lb (47.3 kg)



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