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SuProne Plus Immobilizer, Acrylic

SuProne Plus Immobilizer, Acrylic
SuProne Plus Immobilizer, Acrylic

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SuProne Plus™ Immobilizer, Acrylic.


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SuProne Plus™ Immobilizer, Acrylic.

The SuProne Plus™ Immobilizer provides rigid patient positioning to maximize reproducibility.  This immobilizer can be used independently or it can be attached to accessories in order to offer prone, supine, lateral and flat positioning with maximum patient comfort.

• Fits most disposable or reusable U-Frame Thermoplastic Masks

• Locks down to most couches

• May be used for flat positioning

• Includes comfort cushion for patient in prone position

• Multiple Attachments allow interface with VersaBoard

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