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T-Form Head and Neck Immobilizer

T-Form Head and Neck Immobilizer

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T-Form™ Head & Neck Immobilizer.


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T-Form™ Head & Neck Immobilizer.

The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer is made out of a composite material that is radiolucent, light-weight and durable.  The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer fits most U-Frame thermoplastic masks and interfaces with various attachments to provide positioning options. 

• MRI Compatible Radiolucent Material

• Cost Effective Alternative to Carbon Fiber, 1lb (0.5kg) Net Weight 

• Lighter Weight than Carbon Fiber

• Net Weight 1 lb (0.5 kg)

• Carbon Fiber-like attenuation

• Capable of Supine, Prone or Lateral Treatment Positions

• Fits Both Disposable and Reusable Frames

• Fits Most Reusable U-Frame Thermoplastic Masks

Compatible with these Bionix Devices

• Carbon Fiber 45° Tilt Attachment

• Prone Attachment

• Lateral Attachment

• Head only Embrace U-Frames

• Silverman, Moldcare® and VersaCushion™ Head Cushions

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