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T-Form Extremities Immobilizer System

T-Form Extremities Immobilizer System

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T-Form™ Extremities Immobilizer System.


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T-Form™ Extremities Immobilizer System.

The T-Form™ Extremity Positioning System provides stability, comfort, high precision and the ability to conform to different anatomical tumor locations that vary in size and shape.  The T-Form™ Extremity Immobilizer System significantly reduces patient setup time, improves systematic setup uncertainty, and allows for a reduction of the planning target volume for the treatment of extremity soft tissue sarcomas.

•  Durable, Light-Weight, Radiolucent T-Form™ Base Plate.

•  System Specific Thermoplastic and Reusable Thermoplastic Handles.

•  Specific SecureVac™ Cushions.

•  SecureFit™ Bar with Sliding Attachment Enables Device to be Positioned and Indexed Anywhere on the Treatment Couch Top.

•  Locks Down to Most Couch Tops Using SecureFit™ Lockdown Bars (Items 262-190 to 262-199).

T-Form™ Extremities Immobilizer System Includes:

•  T-Form™ Extremities Base.

•  Set of Thermoplastic Handles.

•  Lockdown Bar Slider Attachment (attaches to existing Lockdown bars).

•  Two Extremities SecureVac Cushions.

•  Four Extremities Thermoplastic Sheets.

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