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TBI Lateral Treatment Table

TBI Lateral Treatment Table
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Total Body Irradiation Lateral Treatment Table


Total Body Irradiation Lateral Treatment Table 



 • Mounting for Beam Spoilers

 • Lung Block Hanging System

 • Lightweight Frame


The Total Body Irradiation Table was designed to aid physicians in the treatment of patients in decubitus positions. Lung blocks can be hung using Lung Block Adjustable Line Supports (Qty 4) (Item # 495-076).  The use of lung blocks is important in TBI to protect the patient from Pneumonitis.


• Qty. 1 TBI Lateral Treatment Table
• Qty. 1 TBI Lateral Treatment Table Beam Spoiler - 50cm Tall (Item # 495-080)
• Qty. 1 TBI Lateral Treatment Table Polycarbonate Body Support (Item # 495-081)
• Qty. 1 Lung Block Adjustable Line Supports (Set of 4) (Item # 495-076)
• Qty. 3 Belts - 10ft (3m) (Item # 495-076)



Table Size: 200 cm x 53.5 cm
Construction: Wood
Finish: Black polyurethane coating
Belts: Three 10 ft. Belts with locking clasp for securing TBI Table to stretcher.
Weight: 32 lbs.

Accessories - Included

TBI Lateral Treatment Table Beam Spoiler - 50cm Tall 
(Item # 495-080)
Usable Area: 200cm x 50cm
Thickness: 0.5in (1.27cm)
Material: Polycarbonate (1.2g/cm³)
Weight: 46lbs (20.9kg)


TBI Lateral Treatment Table Polycarbonate Body Support
(Item # 495-081)
Usable Area: 200cm x 30.5cm
Thickness0.5in (1.27cm)
Material: Polycarbonate (1.2g/cm³)
Weight: 22lbs (10kg)


0.5in Lung Block Adjustable Line Supports (Set of 4)
(Item # 495-076)
Includes four hanging brackets and cord for hanging lung blocks



Accessories - Not Included

Styrofoam Table Height Extension - 1in (2.5cm)
(Item # 871-2179)

Styrofoam Table Height Extension - 2.875in (7.3cm)
(Item # 871-2179)

Other sizes are available on request.


Durable Hanging Cord, 16ft (4.88m)
(Item #)

Refill - Cord Only
495-075 includes four hanging brackets and cord for hanging lung blocks.

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