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Toboggan Arm / Leg Guard, Small

Toboggan Arm / Leg Guard, Small
Toboggan Arm / Leg Guard, Small
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Toboggan Arm / Leg Guard, Small.


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Toboggan Arm / Leg Guard, Small.

Toboggan Arm/Leg Guards are easy-to-clean radiolucent shields made of Vivak®, a crystal clear, extremely strong, and radiolucent material.  Slide the toboggan under the pad and the patient's weight holds it in place.  Top is curved on Items 255-500 through 255-503.  Item 255-504 does not curve.

• Keep arms/legs on the table

• Help prevent accidental dislodgment of IV and arterial lines

• Help shield ulnar nerve against excess pressure

Small:  Great for upper body procedures; use when a shorter height or narrower width is required.  Also offers a better fit for pediatric, adolescent, and small patients.  Smaller size reduces interference with overhead cameras and other surgical equipment.
Dimensions:  10" L x 6" H x 10.25" D (25.4 x 15.24 x 26.03 cm)

This item is sold in pairs.