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Unidos E Dosemeter, TNC-F/M Connector

Unidos E Dosemeter, TNC-F/M Connector
Unidos E Dosemeter, TNC-F/M Connector

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Unidos® E Dosemeter, TNC-F/M Connector.


Unidos® E Dosemeter, TNC-F/M Connector.

The PTW Unidos® E Universal Dosemeter is an easy to use reference class or field class dosemeter for routine dosimetry.

The lightweight and compact UNIDOS E is an easy to use dosemeter, mainly used for daily routine dosimetry in radiation therapy.  Ion chambers and solid-state detectors can be connected.  A chamber library makes it possible to store calibration data.  Air density corrections are done by keying in air pressure and temperature.  UNIDOS E displays the measured values of dose and dose rate in Gy, R, Gy/min, R/min or Gy•m.  The electrical values charge and current are measured in C and A.  The large, high-contrast LC display is easy to read.  The device includes automatic leakage compensation and an RS232 interface.  The high voltage between the ion chamber electrodes is checked automatically.  UNIDOS E features both mains and battery operation.


• An economical high quality dosemeter for universal use in radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology

• Complies with the following standards:
IEC 60731 as a field class dosemeter
IEC 60731 as a reference class dosemeter (option)
IPEM guidelines on dosimetry transfer instruments as a secondary standard dosemeter (option)
IEC 61674 as a diagnostic dosemeter

• High accuracy, excellent resolution (1 fA) and wide dynamic measuring ranges

• HV power supply (0.±400) V in increments of ±50 V

• Measures integrated dose (or charge) and dose rate (or current) simultaneously

• RS232 interface for device control and data output

Resolution for current measurements:
  1• 10-15 A
Resolution for charge measurements:  1 • 10-14 C
Measuring range for current measurements:  (2 • 10-13 to 1 • 10-5) A
Measuring range for charge measurements:  (2 • 10-12 to 6.5 • 10-2) C

Measuring range with 0.5% resolution (with Farmer Ionization Chamber Type 30001 (Item 322-001):
Dose Rate:  0.6 mGy/min to 3000 Gy/min
Dose:  0.1 mGy to 3.0 MGy

Long Term Stability:  <± 0.5% according to IEC
Non-linearity:  <±0.5 % acc. to IEC for dose measurements <± 1.0 % acc. to IEC for dose rate measurements
Internal Adjustment Time:  <1.5 s
Accuracy of Current and Charge Measurement:   <± (0.5% ± 1 count)
Interval Time:  1 - 9999’s

Nominal Useful range:
Temperature Range:  10° – 40° C
Air Pressure Range:  700 - 1060 mbar
Humidity Range:  10 - 75% rel. humidity; 20 g/m3 max.

Leakage Current (Zero Drift) :  <± 10-15 A
Zeroing of the Amplifier:  Automatically in approx. 50 s
Warming-Up Period:  15 minutes
Chamber Voltage:  0 - ±400 V in 50 V-increments
Power Supply:  Main Power 115-230 V; 50/60 Hz or from rechargeable NiCd batteries, operating time: 3 - 4 hrs.

Time Constant for Current and Dose Rate Measurements:
Low: 350 ms
Medium: 200 ms
High: 200 ms

Weight:  Approximately 1.5 lbs
Outer Dimensions:  9.8” W x 6.3” D x 3.9” H
Connectors:  Triax TNC-F/M

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