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UNIDOS webline Universal Dosemeter, BNT Connection

UNIDOS webline Universal Dosemeter, BNT Connection

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UNIDOS webline Universal Dosemeter, BNT Connection.


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UNIDOS webline Universal Dosemeter, BNT Connection.

The ethernet interface based on the TCP/IP protocol allows the user to integrate the UNIDOS webline in a LAN for remote access and e-mail capability.  Its big, user-configurable TFT display guaranties visibility from wide angles.  A comprehensive chamber library makes it possible to store the calibration data of the chambers.  Air density corrections are done by keying in air pressure and temperature, by means of radioactive check devices.  The check device data are stored in a database.  An internal clock calculates the decay of the isotope radioactivity.  It features both means and battery operation.  The delivery includes a manual in English.

The new UNIDOS webline differs from previously known dosimeters with its completely new operating concept and network capability.

The simple and clear user prompting with help texts and a navigation button make operating instructions almost superfluous.  Every function can be set quickly and easily, and every setting option is explained by help texts.  Menu prompting is in the selected language.  The measurement values are also clearly readable at greater distances.  In addition to simultaneous display of dose and dose rate, all selected detector settings are shown.  The bright color display can be configured according to user requirements.

UNIDOS webline has a relay output, an RS-232 interface and a TCP/IP interface.  The dosimeter can be integrated into a network via the TCP/IP interface.  UNIDOS webline can be operated remotely from any PC in a network using a VNC client.  The complete user interface is displayed on the networked PC.  As a result, measurements can be started, measurement results retrieved and settings changed conveniently from a workstation.  The dosimeter can send an alarm via e-mails if the set dose or dose rate threshold is exceeded.  In addition, comprehensive status and service functions can be queried per e-mail.  This makes remote maintenance possible.

UNIDOS webline exceeds the requirements for a reference class dosimeter according to IEC 60731 as well as the requirements according to the IPEM Secondary Standard.  The resolution for 1 fA / 10 fC.


Highest classification in all applications (radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, health physics).

Surpasses the requirements for reference class dosemeters according to IEC 60731, the IPEM secondary standard dosemeter guidelines, IEC 61674 for diagnostic radiology and IEC 60846 for health physics.

High performance secondary standard and reference class dosemeter/electrometer with integrated network features.

• High quality reference class dosemeter for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and radiation protection.

• Integration in a LAN with the internet standard TCP/IP

• Remote access functionality

• E-mail capability, eg. to initiate self tests and to send a status report

• Active, configurable TFT display with wide viewing angles

• Easy and fast menu-driven handling with navigation knob and help system

Type of Product:  High precision dosemeter according to IEC 60731, IEC 61674 and IEC 60846.
Application:  Dose and dose rate measurements (charge and current measurements) in radiation therapy, X-ray diagnostics and radiation protection.
Measuring Quantities/Units:  Absorbed dose to water (Gy), Air Kerma (Gy), Photon equivalent dose (Sv), Ambient dose equivalent H*(10), Exposure (R), Dose length product (Gy-cm), Activity (Bq), (Ci), Corresponding rates of before mentioned- Charge (C), Current (A).

Measuring Ranges: 
Charge:  2 pC...8.991 C
Current:  200 fA...2.5µA

Charge:  10 fC
Current:  1 fA

Long-term Stability:  < ± 0.1 % p.a.
Non-linearity:  < ± 0.25 % according to IEC.
Interval Time:  (1...9999) s.
Temperature Range:  10.-.40°C, (50.-.104°F).
Relative Humidity:  (20.-.80) %, max 20 g/m.
Leakage Current:  < ± 1 fA.
Amplifier Zeroing:  automatically within approx. 75 s.
Chamber Voltage:  (0.- ±400) V in 1 V increments.
Interfaces:  IEEE802 (TCP/IP), RS232.
Power Supply:  (85 - 265) VAC, (50/60) Hz resp. rechargeable batteries AA (NiMH).
Dimensions:  152 mm x 257 mm x 262 mm (H x W x D) 5.98 in x 10.12 in x 10.31 in.
Weight:  Approx. 5.9 kg, 13.0 lbs.

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