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VacFix Pumping Station

VacFix Pumping Station
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VacFix® Pumping Station, for VacFix® Cushions


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VacFix® Pumping Station, for VacFix® Cushions

The VacFix® Pumping Station was designed to leave your hands free to mould the Vac Fix Cushions quickly and efficiently. This product ensures ideal vacuum for firm and stable cushions.  A tone sounds when the correct vacuum has been reached so there is no need to guess when a complete vacuum has been achieved.  The pump’s compact lightweight design (just 25 lbs.) and handles for easy carrying make it ideal for the most crowded department.

When the right side of the foot pedal (vacuum side) is depressed once, the pump will start and evacuate the air.  When it is depressed again the pump will stop.

When the left side (inflate side) is pressed, the pump will force air into the bag as long as the pedal is pressed down.


Power: 120 VAC


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