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Vacuum Tweezer System, 115V

Vacuum Tweezer System, 115V
Vacuum Tweezer System, 115V
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Vacuum Tweezer System, 115V


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Vacuum Tweezer System, 115V.

The Vacuum Tweezers System allows the handling of TLDs of varying sizes without risk of damage or contamination.  This system eliminates defects caused by pinching, scratching or handling when using a mechanical tweezers.  An optional Remote Foot Switch (Item 906-002) is available.

Vacuum Tweezers System Includes

• Compact vacuum generator with a line switch

• 4 feet of clear tubing

• Vacuum line filter

• Vacuum pen

• 3 needle tips (small, medium and large)

  14" Hg.
Air Flow:  125 in.3/min.
Power:  115 VAC, 60Hz, 2 watts

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