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Vertical / Horizontal Needle Box

Vertical / Horizontal Needle Box
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Vertical / Horizontal Needle Box, for Iodine125 and Palladium103.


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Vertical / Horizontal Needle Box, for Iodine125 and Palladium103.

The Vertical / Horizontal Needle Box is made of stainless steel with a delrin needle top and a protective cover.  The delrin needle top is scribed with an alphanumeric grid pattern, which can be customized.  The standard alphanumeric grid pattern is Aa to G across the top and 7 to 1 on the bottom in .5 increments along the sides from top down.  The needle box will accept a needle length of 25 cm.  There are 169 needle holes, 13 horizontal and 13 vertical rows.  The needle box fits into and latches to a removable bottom, for easy retrieval of loose seeds.  The box has 2 side handles for easy mobility.  The protective cover has a handle on top and latches to the needle box when not in use.  The needle box can be used vertical or at a 60° slope when the legs are locked.

  11 Ga. Stainless Steel with 1/2” thick Delrin top
Density of Stainless Steel:  7.95 g/cm3
Density of Delrin:  1.415 g/cm3
Overall Size:  9 1/4” Sq. x 16 5/8” H
Needle Box Size:  9 1/4” Sq. x 11” H
Weight:  25 lbs
Sterilization:  Gas or autoclave

Note: The grid pattern can be custom scribed to the customer’s specifications.


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