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X-Line Tape, Full Adhesive

X-Line Tape, Full Adhesive
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X-Line™ Tape, Full Adhesive, Precision Radiotherapy Tape for CT Simulation


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X-Line™ Tape, Full Adhesive, Precision Radiotherapy Tape for CT Simulation


X-Line™ allows accurate contouring within distorted regions of the CT image, improving radiotherapy outcomes.

A Solution to CT Simulation Image Distortion in Obese Patients

• More Accurate
• Fast and Simple
• Low-Cost
• Optimal Dosage
• Latex Free

Obese patients must be imaged with the extended field of view (eFOV), often resulting in distorted body contours. X-Line™ provides a series of reliable dots within the distorted sections of the eFOV, allowing for easy identification of the true body contour. The radiopaque lines on X-Line™ show up as hyperdense in CT simulation. Connect underneath the dots to get an accurate body contour - it’s that easy!

Body contour distortion from large patients in the eFOV
• GE Discovery CT590 RT, Optima CT580 RT and LightSpeed RT have a scan FOV (sFOV) of 50cm and a 65cm extended FOV (eFOV) option
• Siemens Somotom models have a 50cm sFOV and eFOV up to 80cm
• Body regions within the eFOV is distorted and contains artifact, resulting in an inaccurate body contour
• Body contour inaccuracies can lead to incorrect SSD and dosage calculations

X-Line™ General Instructions
• Apply X-Line™ to all body regions that might fall outside of the scan field of view
• Tear a strip length that fully encompasses the region of interest
• Expect to use 3-5 strips per patient, depending on their size

Step 1 - Peel
• Peel away the protective backing
• X-Line™ is kiss cut to make for easier removal

Step 2 - Apply
• Apply X-Line™ to the region of interest
• Orient the radiopaque lines perpendicular to the direction of the CT cross section
• Space the X-line™ strips approximately 1 inch apart
• Only apply each X-Line™ strip once

Step 3 - Scan
• Then, perform the CT scan as usual
• Remove and discard the X-Line™ strips after the scan

Step 4 - Connect
• Finally, connect just underneath the bright, hyperdense dots in the resulting CT images
• Connecting underneath the dots avoids including these hyperdense regions in the radiation dose planning



Size: 2" wide (5.08 cm) with three equally spaced radiopaque lines 1" apart (2.54 cm)
Quantity: Rolls are 50' long (15.24 m) with perforations spaced every 2" (5.08 cm).