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25mm Diameter Nylon Dilator

25mm Diameter Nylon Dilator

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25 mm Diameter Nylon Dilator.


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25 mm Diameter Nylon Dilator.

The Nylon Dilator has one elliptical radius end and one full rounded end.  The dilator is 10" (25cm) long and very durable.  It is made from an impact resistant material that can stand up to wear and abrasion.

Sterilization:  Autoclave or Gas

 Use:  Can be used in CT and MR.

 Nylon Dilator Sizes 
 Diameter  Item #
10mm  970-656-10 
15mm 970-656-15
16mm 970-656-16
20mm 970-656-20
23mm 970-656-23
25mm 970-656-25
26mm 970-656-26
30mm 970-656-30
35mm 970-656-35
40mm 970-656-40
45mm 970-656-45
50mm 970-656-50


Intravaginal Product Chart

Data Sheet
  • CT Safe
  • MR Safe


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