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Abduce Knee Positioner Set

Abduce Knee Positioner Set
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Abduce Knee Positioner Set


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Abduce Knee Positioner Set

The purpose of this product is to arrange patients in an abduction pelvic position with maximum comfort.  These blue, vinyl-coated, semi-firm foam supports can be very useful for treatment of the pelvis, hip and pubic areas. The positioners can be used alone or alongside each other to aid the physician in achieving the prefered position for their treatment.

Place the foam supports under the femur/knee area with the lower side of the sponge, a 10° slant, toward the patient’s buttocks.  The knees are seated into the sponge’s concave area of the supports.  The patient’s feet can be held together with the grip ring if necessary. 


This set includes two positioners and one 6” grip ring.

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