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Block Casting Station, 50" 220 VAC

Block Casting Station, 50" 220 VAC
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Block Casting Station, 50" 220 VAC.


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Block Casting Station, 50" 220 VAC.

The Block Casting Station maximizes the size of your mold room and can improve labor and production efficiencies while improving block quality.  The complete station measures 43.5" W x 28" D x 50" H (110.5 x 71 x 127 cm).


• A 1.5 gallon alloy dispenser with a digital readout, precise digital temperature control and a no-drip heated ball valve dispenser.  The alloy dispenser base plate is a roller carriage which allows for easy side-to-side movement over a range of 28” (71.37 cm) over the cold plate.

• A large capacity, precision surfaced refrigerated cold plate measuring 42.875" x 23.3125" (l09 x 59.3cm) that accommodates up to six photon blocks.  Cold water is recirculated by means of a closed loop system through a pump and refrigeration system. The anti-freeze in this unit does not to be refilled or replaced.

• The sturdy cabinet has a convenient storage space on the left side underneath the cold plate that measures 20.5" W x 23" D x 23" H (52 x 58.4 x 58.4 cm).  The right side underneath cabinet houses the refrigeration system and has two (2) air vents on the side of the cabinet.  These air vents need a 2” minimum clearance on the right side of the cabinet.  All front and sides of the cabinet are covered with Formica brand oyster gray laminate.  The back side is covered with a Formica brand phenolic resin backing sheet.

• Power Cord:  8’ (2.4m) 3 Wire (See 878_BLOCK_CAST_POWER_SUPPLY under the Documents Tab to determine the item number with the correct power cord needed)

• No plumbing is required.


Included Refrigeration System (Item # 16-9071)
Power: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 3.5 Amp, 770 Watt


Included Recirculation System (Item # 16-907)
Power: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, .7/.9 Amp, 198 Watt 


Item Number Power Cord
878-353A CEE 7
878-353C AS/NZS 3112
878-353D BS 1363
878-353E Afsnit 107-2-D1
878-353G BS 546
878-353H SI 32
878-353I CEI 23-50
878-353L SEV 1011
878-353O NBR 14136
878-353T IRAM 2073
878-353X GB 2099-1 & GB 1002-1
878-353U NEMA-15

Overall Dimensions:  43.5" W x 28" D x 50" H (110.5 x 71 x 127 cm)

For Full casting station with air cleaner click here.


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