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Count Rate Calibrator, Source Holder

Count Rate Calibrator, Source Holder
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Count Rate Calibrator, Source Holder.


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Count Rate Calibrator, Source Holder.

This is a source holder for multiple spatial window registration measurements.  The holder and cover are made of 1” lead painted with smooth tan polyurethane.  Three (3) copper plates are included with the source holder.  One copper plate is 1.59 mm thick and two (2) plates are 2.38 mm thick.  Two (2) Pan Head screws hold the copper plates and cover on the holder.  The allen wrench is included also.  The handle is optional and ordered separately.

Overall Dimensions:
 3.14” diameter x 4.2” H (7.98 cm diameter x 10.67 cm H)
Inside Hole Dimensions:  1.075” diameter x 2.2” H (2.73 cm diameter x 5.59 cm H)
Lead Thickness:  1” Lead
Finish:  Tan polyurethane

Copper Plates: 
One (1) Plate:  7.98 cm diameter x 1.59 mm T
Two (2) Plates:  7.98 cm diameter x 2.38 mm T

Weight:  12.8 lbs


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