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5cm Divergent Hole in 9cm square Lead Block, 5cm High

5cm Divergent Hole in 9cm square Lead Block, 5cm High
5cm Divergent Hole in 9cm square Lead Block, 5cm High
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5cm Divergent Hole in 9cm sq Lead Block, 5cm High


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This 9cm square lead block features a 5cm diameter divergent hole and is 5cm thick.

We offer a large assortment of Lead Shielding Blocks for cobalt and linear accelerators. Blocks are made of gravity cast antimonial lead resulting in harder blocks that resist scratching and corner breakage. All surfaces are machined flat, square and smooth and are finished with a tough polyurethane paint. The bottom of each block is covered with thick vinyl to minimize scratching of the surface on which they are placed.
Blocks for use with a treatment tray can be studded with stainless steel bolts. The protruding stud of each block has a wing nut which secures the block to the treatment tray. This is necessary for rotational and angular treatments.


Shape: 5cm Divergent Hole in 9cm square

Thickness: 5cm

Custom sizes are also available.

All Lead Shielding Blocks are made to order and are non-returnable.

NCRP Report No. 102 states the thickness of lead required reduce the beam to 5% is as follows:



4 MV

6.4 cm

6 MV

6.66 cm

10 MV

7.31 cm

15 MV

7.18 cm

20 MV

7.05 cm

25 MV

6.92 cm

Commonly Used Thicknesses
5 cm Thick
- Cobalt 60
6 cm Thick - 4 MV - 6 MV Linear Accelerators
8 cm Thick - 10 M& Higher Linear Accelerators