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EXACT Enhance Bar

EXACT Enhance Bar
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EXACT Enhance Bar.


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EXACT Enhance Bar.

This product was designed to “ENHANCE” the EXACT BAR used with the Varian Accelerator Exact Treatment Couch.  The EXACT BAR can be adapted to the vacuum bags, 2 part foam cushions, belly boards or any number of body support cushions with the use of the Glue Dots™.

The Enhance Bar is made of high-density polyethylene material.  Measurements are 1” w x 16” L and 1/2” in thickness.

There are 6 holes drilled in the enhance bar.  You have the choice of centering or shifting laterally 2 3/4” in either direction.

•  Consistent in accurate positioning.

•  Easier location of “EXACT Bar” and vacuum bags, foam or support cushions.

•  Replacement guarantee against chipping, breaking or warping.

Preparation of the EXACT Enhance Bar

1.  Seat your Varian EXACT Lok-Bar or similar bar in a “notch” along the length of the couch/table top.

2.  Place the EXACT Enhance Bar onto the Lok-Bar matching the “two pegs” or similar design unit.

3.  Now use “Glue Dots” to adhere the EXACT Enhance Bar to your immobilization form.  This is done by taking two or three “Glue Dots” and pressing the open side into the EXACT Enhance Bar.  Remove the wax paper and repeat for each glue dot.

4.  Place the patient immobilization form on top of the Bar/Glue Dots.  When your form is completed, the EXACT Enhance Bar will be attached to your form and can easily be removed and reseated onto the Lok-Bar when needed.

The EXACT Enhance Bar can be used repeatedly.  The Glue Dots are easily replaced by simply “rolling” them off the bar or form and discarding them.