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Exradin A16 Micropoint Chamber, 0.007cc

Exradin A16 Micropoint Chamber, 0.007cc
Exradin A16 Micropoint Chamber, 0.007cc
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Exradin A16 Micropoint Chamber, 0.007cc.


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Exradin A16 Micropoint Chamber, 0.007cc.

The Exradin micro ion chambers have a superior small-field dosimetry to assess pinpoint radiation in IMRT, stereotactic, orthovoltage, x-rays and superficial skin therapy.

The Model A16 microchamber measures extremely small field sizes (3.4 mm x 3.4 mm); allowing for exceptional spatial resolution and exact pinpoint beam profile characterization.  These attributes make the A16 ideal for stereotactic radiosurgery and IMRT applications.

Collecting Volume:  0.007cc
Centroid of Collecting Volume - from exterior tip of shell:  1.65 mm
Outside of Shell Collecting Diameter:  3.4 mm
Inside Diameter of Shell Collecting Volume:  2.4 mm
Shell Wall Thickness:  0.5 mm
Collector Diameter:  0.3 mm
Collector Length:  1.27 mm
Shell/Entry Window, Collector and Guard Material*:  A
Nominal Air Kerma Calibration Factor:  4.1E + 9 Gy/C
Recommended Polarizing Voltage:  300 V
Nominal Leakage:  ±10 x 10-15 amp
Maximum Polarizing Voltage:  1000 V
Waterproof:  Yes
Included Build-Up Cap:  60Co

* Material:  A – C552 Shonka air-equivalent plastic  P – D400 polystyrene-equivalent plastic  T – A150 Shonka tissue-equivalent plastic.
† Nominal calibration factor for Co-60 at 22° C


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