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Foam Cutter with Adjustable Heat

Foam Cutter with Adjustable Heat
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Foam Cutter with Adjustable Heat.


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Foam Cutter with Adjustable Heat.

The Adjustable Heat Foam Cutter has a slippery work surface that is Alu Corbond compound making it easier to push Styrofoam around the large table.  The solid aluminum over arm has a clearance of 5 ½” for cutting Styrofoam blocks from ¾” thick to 3” thick.  The holder and wire spool may be shifted and adjusted along the over arm to enable miter cutting.


• An LED indicates operation and thus reminds you not to touch the hot wire to prevent burnt fingers (the wire heats to the maximum temperature in less than 1 second).

• Printed grid and protractor on worktable assist with division and cutting.

• On/Off switch.

• Electronic variable temperature control knob.

• Lockable feed bar/fence for angle cuts.

• One spool of NiChrome wire, 0.008" diameter x 98 ft L.

• One year warranty

  This Item has no CE mark, UL Listing or CSA Certification.

  Item 869-912 (230 Volt) has Approved CE mark only / No UL Listing.

Hotwire Cutter
Miter Guide
Fence/Feed Bar
Spool of Wire
Users Guide

Technical Data
Transformer Secondary Volts:
10V at 1.0A (Double Insulated).
Cutting Wire Temperature: 210 - 390 ºF (100 - 200 ºC).
Worktable Size: 15 3/8" x 11" (390 x 280mm).
Throat: 13 3/4" (350mm).
Cutting Height:  5 1/2" (140mm).
NiChrome Wire:  0.008" dia. x 98 Ft.
Voltage: 110-120V AC, 1 Amp, 50/60 Hz.
Weight: 6.6 lbs (3.0kg).

Replacement Ni-Chrome Cutting Wire Item 869-9101