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GAFChromic Film, RTQA2-111, 1.25"x11" (25/Box)

GAFChromic Film, RTQA2-111, 1.25"x11" (25/Box)

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GAFChromic Film, RTQA2-111, 1.25"x11" (25/Box) for Brachytherapy Source Positioning


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GAFChromic Film, RTQA2-111, 1.25"x11" (25/Box) for Brachytherapy Source Positioning


The GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 self-developing radiochromic QA films are for faster, easier, more convenient, and less costly QA testing of radiotherapy sources and the commissioning of therapy equipment.  Specifically designed for LINAC / accelerator machine QA such as light field / radiation field alignment tests, precision star shots; also position verification for HDR, and autoradiography of implantable seeds, plaques and other sources.

• Easy to use

• Instant results

• Size the film to your exact requirement and save

GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 is a high performance processor-less film for quality assurance exceptional accuracy with ease of use and featuring outstanding cost effectiveness.  GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 quality assurance film has been designed by leading radiochromic film scientists and provides state-of-the-art results in radiotherapy environments, while tapping all the exciting advantages of processor-less technology.


• Developed specifically for
- light field alignment
- radiation field alignment
- precision star shots
- position verification for HDR
- autoradiography of implantable seeds, plaques and other sources

• Dynamic range from 0.02 Gy to 8 Gy

• Large measurement area

• Self develops in real time and requires no processing

• Near tissue-equivalent

• High spatial resolution

• Can be handled in room light

• Water resistant, water immersible (usable with water phantoms)

• Withstands temperatures up to 70°C

• Now with improved indoor lighting resistance


• No processor required - no darkroom
- eliminates processing discrepancies
- eliminates chemical waste
- environmentally friendly

• Convenient to handle and easy to cut (cut and shape the film to your needs)

• Easily noted on with marker pen (notes easily erased if necessary)

• Economical and competitive pricing

• Available in three sizes

GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 radiotherapy film is an excellent, hassle-free tool for the contemporary and processor-less environment.  Just position and shoot.  With real-time self-developing, your results are available in seconds!  No darkroom or chemicals are needed.  After exposure, if the light field is not aligned with the radiation field, the discrepancy is visible immediately.  Simply adjust the field accordingly and move on.  In most cases, a second exposure is not required.  Alignment can be achieved in an exceedingly short time.  RTQA2 can even be observed through the monitor, and evaluated while it develops!  Saves time and money as less film is used for each alignment, the film can be handled in room light and can be easily cut to the exact size called for.  Excellent for autoradiography of implantable seeds, plaques and other sources. 

Gafchromic® RTQA2 is made by laminating an active layer between two polyester layers.  The polyester surface makes an exceptionally robust product and allows water immersion.

Yellow Polyester:
 97 microns
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:  12 microns
Active Layer:  17 microns
Surface Layer:  3 microns
White Polyester:  97 microns
Approximate thicknesses, actual values may vary slightly.

GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2-111 strips are designed for HDR positioning verification.  They are designed for use within a phantom, or taped directly under a catheter.  RTQA2-111 strips provide excellent results when the catheter position is marked and then the autoradiographic image is checked against the marks.  Key advantages of RTQA2-111 strips are their stability and alignment.  They eliminate concerns about film movement inside a ready pack and thus increase the accuracy of measurement.  With dwell times between 0.5 second to 2.0 seconds (depending on the source) RTQA2-111 film strips exhibit sharp images, and clearly shows source positions.

NOTE:  The response of GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 radiotherapy film is dependent upon factors specific to the facility such as the energy spectrum of the radiation source, the characteristics of the densitometer, film scanner or other means of measurement and the elapsed time between exposure and measurement etc.  Therefore, the user should determine the dose-density response under the conditions pertaining to the user's facility and measurement protocol.  Since the absolute response of GAFCHROMIC® RTQA2 film may vary from lot to lot, the user should re-measure response when changing to a new lot number.

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