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GAFChromic Film, XR-RV3, 13.8" x 17" (25/Box)

GAFChromic Film, XR-RV3, 13.8" x 17" (25/Box)

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GAFChromic Film, XR-RV3, 13.8" x 17" (25/Box)


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GAFChromic Film, XR-RV3, 13.8" x 17" (25/Box)


The GAFCHROMIC® XR-RV3 film is designed for surface-peak skin-dose measurement in interventional procedures guided by fluoroscopy.  A comparator strip is also available for quick visual estimation of dosage at a point, requiring no digitizing. The comparator strip must be ordered with the film if your facility is not using the FilmQA-XR™ software.

• An excellent tool for the processor-less environment

• Sensitive to wide dose range 0.05 Gy to 15 Gy

• An easy to use film with high data integrity

• Improved resistance to indoor lighting

• Shelf life: 18 month at room ambient temperature

Structure of GAFCHROMIC® film, type XR-RV3
Yellow Polyester:  97 microns
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:  12 microns
Active Layer:  17 microns
White Polyester:  97 microns

Energy range: 30 keV to 30 MeV.
Configuration:  3-layer laminate (substrate - active layer substrate) 
Substrate:  White and yellow polyester

Data Sheet

  • 115-XR-RV3PAPER
    Calibration of GafChromic XR-RV3 radiochromic film for skin dose measurement using standardized x-ray spectra and a commercial flatbed scanner.