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Grip Ring, 3 Inch Inside diameter

Grip Ring, 3 Inch Inside diameter
Grip Ring, 3 Inch Inside diameter
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Grip Ring™, 3" Inside diameter.


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Grip Ring™ 3" Inside Diameter.

The circular design of Grip Rings™ allows pressure to be evenly distributed, preventing harsh marks on the skin.  The attractive and smooth outer skin becomes an integral part of the cushion through a high strength bond to the foam core.  Only high tech, non-absorbing, closed cell cushioning mediums are encapsulated to ensure the highest measure of quality.  The outer skin of tough vinyl is smooth and easy to wipe clean with most anti-bacterial solutions, and free of surface  textures that trap and hold bacteria from soil and body fluids.  If the outer skin is cut or torn the inner cushion will not “sponge-up” liquids or fluids as some products that utilize conventional upholstery materials.

Grip Rings™ are blue in color, have a wall thickness is 1” and are virtually tear resistant.