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Isocentric Beam Checker II

Isocentric Beam Checker II

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Isocentric Beam Checker II


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Isocentric Beam Checker II

The IBC II, a “multi-purpose” precision quality assurance tool, is an easy to use test device for daily, weekly or monthly quality assessments of all mechanical and geometrical treatment parameters of linear accelerators or teletherapy units.

The Multifunctional Isocentric Beam Checker, IBC II, consists of a large opaque acrylic screen backed by a secondary plate, both supported by two lateral uprights. The screen is inscribed with lines precisely defining corners, edges and center of the screen’s 2 mm square, 5 cm square, l0 cm square, l5 cm square and 20 cm square fields. Intersecting center lines are inscribed with short lines spaced 1 cm apart. The screen can rotate about its axis in increments of 45°.

Tungsten markers of 2 mm diameter are embedded in the center and corners of the fields. A l0" x 12" ready-pack film can be sandwiched between the two plates. When exposed, the tungsten markers project a sharp image on the film. The necessity of pricking holes into the film is therefore eliminated.

Caution: Although provided with non-slip rubber-tipped adjustment thumb screws, care must be taken not to displace the IBC during rotation of the screen plate. The screen plate can be rotated in 45° increments. To rotate the screen plate it is best to grab both left and right knobs together while turning them simultaneously. When turned 45°, the screen seats itself accurately and automatically thus repositioning is accomplished easily and quickly.


• Radiation / light-field congruence

• Collimator isocentricity

• Collimator field size accuracy

• Isocenter rotational stability

• Accepts 10" x 12" Ready Pack Films

• Laser alignments

• ODI accuracy

• Gantry isocentricity

• Table isocentricity



Field Sizes: 2 mm, 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm
Rotation: 360° in 45° increments
Positioning: Self-Seating
Markers: All intersecting corners: 2 mm O.D. dia. tungsten balls
Leveling: 3-point w/bubble level
Size: 20.3 W x 45.7 L x 33 H cm
Screen Size: 30.5 x 30.5 cm
Materials: White and clear plexi and tungsten
Weight: 6.1 lb (2.8 kg)
Shipping: Fully assembled

NOTE: Film is not included

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