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Lifting Net for Thermoplastic Water Baths

Lifting Net for Thermoplastic Water Baths
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Lifting Net for Thermoplastic Water Baths


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Lifting Net for Thermoplastic Water Baths


The netting is used for lifting thermoplastic out of the water after heating. This product is made to fit RPD Digital Thermoplastic Water Baths (Item #'s 278-247, 278-248) however custom sizes are also available.



 1) Connect the two metal rods to the metal bar
 2) Place the assembly in the water bath net-side up with the metal bar in the back of the water bath and rods forward into pushed up against the front corners.
 3) Keep the plastic bar out of the water hanging out between the cover and water bath
 4) Heat the water to desired temperature
 5) Heat up your thermoplastic device
 6) Open the cover and lift item out of the water bath by pulling the plastic bar outward



Dimensions: 25 7/8" W x 22" 


Custom Sizes also Available

Please have the following information of the tank size when custom ordering:
 • Inside Length
 • Inside Width
 • Depth of Water Bath

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