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Manual Contour Device

Manual Contour Device
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Manual Contour Device.


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Manual Contour Device.

This device is an economical and convenient unit for making contours.  The apparatus consists of a hinged frame assembly with two feet.  The plastic frame guides twenty-seven rods.  Small replaceable washers provide friction on the rods to prevent movement.

The patient is placed in a prone position and the unit is placed over the area to be contoured.  The aluminum rods are positioned so that the tips just touch the skin.  After all the rods are positioned, remove the hinge locking knob.  Carefully open the end unit and remove it from the patient.

Close the contour device and lay it down on paper.  Note, it is best to lay the device down on its side.  This will place the rods close to the paper.  Mark the outline of the patient.

Inside Dimensions: 33 cm H x 45 cm W

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