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Reinforced MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack

Reinforced MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack

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Reinforced MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack.


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Reinforced MicroMOSFET Dosimeter, 5 Pack.

MicroMOSFET Dosimeter
With a width of 1.0 mm and an extra long 375 mm flex, the microMOSFET dosimeter is small enough and long enough for use inside a 6 Fr catheter.

Reinforced MOSFET Dosimeter
Reinforcing the MOSFET dosimeter increases its durability during procedures that may cause high stress to the dosimeter.  A thin layer of protective plastic coating is added to the tip of the dosimeter, which hardens, strengthens and protects the sensor.

• One calibration factor for all photon and electron modalities in the radiotherapy energy range

• Isotropic (± 3% or better for 360°)

• Active region of 0.2 x 0.2 mm

• Permits pinpoint measurement without patient shielding

• Dose-rate and temperature independent

• Unobtrusive in procedures

• Lightweight and flexible

• Multiple dosimeter capability with one reader

Flex Dimensions*: 
With of Flex:
  1.0 mm
Thickness of Flex (flat part of flex):  0.3 mm
Length of Flex (from end of gray cable):  375 mm
Thickness of Bulb:  1.0 mm
Length of Bulb:  3.5 mm
Distance to Center of Chip (from end of bulb):  1.75 mm
Common Uses:  Fits down a 6Fr catheter for dose verification during HDR procedures

*Measurements listed above are average values and are meant to serve as a guide for the use of MOSFET dosimeters.  For phantom use and tolerances, please contact Best Medical Canada directly for more detailed information.

Note: MOSFET Dosimeters are available with a 10' (3 m) cable upon request.

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